CSR & Management  assists large, average, small or family companies in their steps concerning Corporate Social Responsibility, by analyzing the performance factors and continued improvement in human resources, marketing and corporate, while implying The Management.

CSR and its advantages

According to a survey published in 2008 by “ Economist Intelligence Links (Canada)”, carried out with 1200 managers from everywhere in the world, and who intended to benefit from the implementation of strategies and policies in the field from the RSE, the six principal greater advantages mentioned were:

  • - capacity to attract new customers,
  • - a greater value for the shareholders,
  • - an increased profitability,
  • - better capacity to manage the risks,
  • - products and processes of better quality and,
  • - capacity to recruit first choice employees.

But there are still other advantages according to us.

  • Purchases : Better access to the resources, reinforcements of the relations with the suppliers, pride of collaboration
  • Commercial activities : Better access to capitals, profitability, control of management, pride of your customers
  • Operations : Reduction of the social and environmental impact of the activities, relation between good vicinity and local associations, better comprehension of the activities of your company
  • Credit : Safety of the credits, valorization of your company and profit-sharing of the shareholders present and/or future
  • Marketing : Development of the markets, existing and new, reinforcement of the image of the brands, competitive advantage, better comprehension of new customer’s needs by a reinforced proximity, information on the markets
  • Corporate : This term is unfortunately not well translated in the French denomination “RSE” (CSR in English stands for “Corporate Social Responsibility”), but your corporate identity is only improved by it
  • Institutions : Influence and recognition, better social and citizen investments, development of new networks and channels of communication, reputation
  • Management : Better risk managements, put in legal conformity (mandatory) and even more (the RSE being voluntary), strategic development and organizational training (the quicker you are there, the less delay you will have to catch up ), innovation
  • Human resources : Resourcing, management of the questions on hygiene and on safety, development of the human capital, staff safety (when you have what you need…), pride of this one, which will not want to leave any more or will want to come to work for you
  • Shareholders : Fidelity since the intangible asset of your company will increase, pride.

On a graph

In   are represented part of the interactions between the various departments in the company.

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